About this site

This is a collection of things I learn. It serves as a place for me to recollect and digest on things. I use it as a tool to dump my thoughts and archive them. It allows me to come back and search through the things that I have learned in the past.

Who Am I?

I'm a Software Engineer since 2016. I worked in a start up focusing on AI using object and facial recognition. Right now, I'm working in one of the largest tech companies in the world and learning every day.

I'm most keen on backend technology to build distributed systems with high availability and scalability. My most experience languages are Python and Java. Front end is my interest area but I spend time on them. It nice to build something beautiful but I believe the engine that's driving in behind the scene is more impressive.

How to create this site?

This site is auto generated from https://github.com/hazelement/hazelement using Pelican. I created a make file to automate the build process. From project folder where Makefile is, using the following command.

# to prepare dev environment
make prepare-dev

# to compile and publish to github
make github

# to start an auto refresh local dev server on port 8000 
make devserver

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